Finding Fido



“Still nothing,” Sally said as soon as Damian came through the door.

His shoulders sagged. The whole drive home he’d hoped for news. He didn’t dare imagine beyond that, but his arms ached and his cheeks felt cold without the welcome of unabashed wriggles and wet kisses.

And to think he’d never wanted “a beast in the house.” To think he’d been so set against it.

Little did he know that a furball in a giant velvet bow would burrow deeper into his heart than anyone before it. Including, if he was honest, the two-legged.

“I taped more flyers,” Sally filled the silence. “And called the vets … just in case.”

Damian nodded over the tightness in his throat.

“Mary is so sorry …” Sally pressed on. “She didn’t mean to leave the door unlatched.”

“I’ve to go,” Damian grabbed his gun. “I must find Fido before the dark does.”




For Crispina’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge


23 thoughts on “Finding Fido

    • I know … I hope he doesn’t intend to use it on anyone … Though, in my mind, they live in a relatively rural area and there may be bears and coyotes and wolves around, who’d like to have Fido for a snack … and who may need some ‘persuading’ not to … Still, yeah, a bit extreme …

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  1. Oh my. Please find him soon. I dare not read this to my wife, she’ll be reaching for the tissues (I’m close).
    I get the gun image. The guy loves that dog, lost, wandering out in the woods and woods aren’t our preserve. I’m guessing he’s worried about bears, and intends to scare them off with one shot in the air, unless they are attacking his dog, he loves that dog, doesn’t he?

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