Just A Hat

Photo prompt © Jan Wayne Fields


She could not decide.

She knew the others were getting impatient. That they believed she ought to have made up her mind.

“It’s just a hat,” Marissa hissed, a bit too loudly to have wanted to keep Betty from hearing.

“It is,” Betty whispered. Her voice shook but she couldn’t help it more than she could stop blush from traveling across her cheeks and down her neck to meet her chest.

And yet … Mom had asked for pink … How?

Her breath hitched. No way she could admit color-blindness and not get kicked out of the new Hue You Artist Colony.




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers




36 thoughts on “Just A Hat

  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    What a predicament and a unique spin on the prompt. I’ve known a few men who are afflicted, but no women. (Just a personal observation, not a criticism.) Loved your story and felt for poor Betty.



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    • Mom may be aware of the color-blindness (or otherwise Mom has serious bigger issues in her connection to her child .. ;)), but may not be aware of her daughter’s shame or secrecy around it … Perhaps it was a cruel request. Or perhaps it was one made with full expectation that she would just ask someone “Which is the pink one?” 😉

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    • Yep. I have friends who are color blind, too. No biggie and a source for some merry some of the time (they can find plenty of things to make merry about me, too, non-color-blindness related … so it is all fair and in good fun). As for her – if she cannot fess up, she may be in the wrong ‘commune’ … 😉


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