Of Moods And Bangs



“Are you guarding the entrance?”

There was no response.

He didn’t really expect one. Not when she was in a mood.

She was going to just lie there by the narrow path between the wooden pallets that served as makeshift bridge and entrance, and stare at it as if the others would miraculously manifest by the force of her willpower alone.

“I think there’s a new herd coming from the east,” he noted.

No movement. He didn’t think she’d fall for it. Still, was worth a try. One never knew.

For his part, he did not grace her with a turn of his head. She did not deserve a sway of his magnificent woolly bangs, the pride of Farmer Jones, the envy of his peers, the feller of many a heifer.

He stood his ground. She guarded hers.

The flies buzzed.

It was going to be a very long afternoon.




For Cristina’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge



15 thoughts on “Of Moods And Bangs

    • Should be fixed by now … I did that in error … having clicked on YOUR post in my email to get to the ‘prompt’ (Which I didn’t see in your post, BTW), so I clicked on the keyword and …. and … and … like many lazy-fed shortcuts, I ended up doing the long way around … LOL.
      Won’t teach me a thing for next time this happens, pretty guaranteed … πŸ˜‰
      (also, I can think of worse places to erroneously link to ….)

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      • Hey. I don’t have a problem with it – was just curious as to how it happened as I saw nothing on your post to send it to me!
        Whatcha mean you didn’t see my post? Oh. If you mean on Crispina’s blog, she has to approve it so maybe when you passed by, it wasn’t yet?
        Like I said… I ain’t complaining… You can “latch” onto me any time! xo

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      • Thank you, my dear! The thing is, I got to your post FIRST because I saw yours in my email but not Crispina’s prompt … but then … well … ya know. Long story short … it isn’t a bad link to link to … AND, I saw your post since! I think I didn’t refresh it or something. It’s there now and I saw and read it and so on … πŸ™‚

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