No Big-Mart


“It says this way to the manor,” Doug tugged Lily’s sleeve.

“I know,” she shrugged to release his hold. At thirty-four, he was really quite too old to tug on clothing for attention.

“So why are we going in the opposite?”

She wondered how it was that there was a time when the nasal tone of his petulance didn’t bother her. Had she simply ignored it in the beginning, when infatuation took precedence to logic? Doug was still easy on the eyes, but her heart had become wiser.

“Because the manor will still be there later, while this Farmer’s Market stall might not.”

“What’s wrong with Big-Mart?”

Her lips tightened. She couldn’t believe he actually whined. “Big-Mart has no proper food. Everything’s processed. And anyway, I’d much rather support local farmers than corporate executives.”

She cringed at the sound of her own voice. She’d become her mother. To her boyfriend.



For Crispina’s Crimsons Creative Challenge #57


19 thoughts on “No Big-Mart

    • I love our farmers market and I value our mom and pop shops. It makes a difference when we know who out purchases actually support. I know it can be difficult to do this 100% of the time but as much as we can, does still make a difference. As for the boyfriend in the little story…yep, he should be history… πŸ™‚

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      • I’d say I was lucky in where I live, for seldom does a walk NOT take us past a farm shop. But, alas, who wants to load up with groceries when the water flasks and other requirements already weigh enough. And I don’t have a car to get out there another day, and they’re never on bus routes. However, at least one of our local supermarkets does stock locally grown veggies, and I can attest that they are *grown in the old fashioned way* πŸ™‚

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      • We each find our way, don’t we? I have to sometimes order things or have them delivered (fortunately, our local green grocer will send someone with deliveries if need be) because of many stairs and a somewhat finicky spine, but in most ways I am super spoiled with everything within walking distance, including the Friday’s Farmer’s Market taking place literally on the next street from me. It’s about awareness, I think, and as long as each one of us does what we can, it’ll all be better than the alternative … πŸ™‚


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