A Map Of Reminiscing


Green Gardens trail in Gros Morne National Park, NL (Timothy Holmes on Unsplash)


They’d come to Gros Morne every summer. On “Dad Week.” Camp in a tent that always leaked but Dad wouldn’t replace, every patch and glued seam a map of reminiscing. They’d spend days on the meadows, walk the volcanic beach, go down to Old Man’s Cove.

Sal loved all of it. Even the chill and wet and constant hunger (for there was always more Dad aspired to catch than what he’d actually manage to). Sal never complained. He’d give up everything to breathe the ocean and make up stories about pirates in the coves. He’d even downplay the painful rash and sneezing (they never did find which wild-flower he was allergic to, and he didn’t want to, afraid Mom would say he couldn’t go).

Erosion closed his favorite trail, but not his memories.

He gazed at the ocean and wondered if Dad, whose mind was fading, still had his.




For What Pegman Saw: Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada



38 thoughts on “A Map Of Reminiscing

  1. …ΧžΧ’ΧœΧ” Χ¨Χ’Χ©Χ•Χͺ ΧΧžΧ‘Χ™Χ•Χ•ΧœΧ Χ˜Χ™Χ™Χ של Χ’Χ’Χ’Χ•Χ’, כאב, Χ—ΧžΧ™ΧžΧ•Χͺ, Χ›ΧžΧ™Χ”Χ”

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    • Thanks, Karen!
      I saw that there are many trails that have been closed due to erosion, and with the climate strike yesterday and the realities of climate change all over the world, this is what this brought up for me – the loss not only of habitat and places one had frequented and/or calls home, but for some, the loss of memories, too.
      I’m glad it resonated!

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