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“Used to be a zoo,” Ol’ Joe stuffed his cheek full of chewing tobacco. No frowning from Mama could make him give it up.

I gazed at the empty parking lot. We kept the market open by sheer willpower and another mortgage.

Mama often argued it was money down the drain, but Pops would shake his head. “History is a merry-go-round, Penny. It’ll come back. We just have to hang in there a little longer.”

Then the two of them would look at Ol’ Joe, and I knew: closing the business would kill him. Grandpop’s life was tied into Route 66.



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


48 thoughts on “Merry-Go-Round

    • Amen to that … 🙂
      And yes, things could turn around (they may put up a whole wind-farm in the area, or find some other renewal resource that would get people interested again … Ya’ never know!
      And in the meanwhile, it seems they come from love, which is a win already, even if not necessarily financially. …
      Thanks for the comment, drailman!

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    • And sometimes there are other reasons one does not — like in this case, where it might make economic sense to close but the consideration of allowing some comfort to an older man who may have little else to keep him busy/grounded, takes precedence. I don’t know if it was the right decision for them, but it seems at least they’d made it out of compassion and care, which counts for something …
      Thank you for the comment, Abhijit!


    • Hi Fatima,
      Thank you for reading and commenting. There are many reasons people need to close a business, and none of them are easy. I hope life had/will become easier for those in the story and for all those who’d endured similar circumstances. Thanks again for the comment, Na’ama


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