How Will I Know?

alone black and white blur child

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How will I know

The taste of freedom

If I am locked

Inside a cage?

How will I find

A true horizon

When I am of

Tender age?

Where will my parents be


Will army men

Lock them away?

How will I know

If I will get to see them

Once again

One day?



For Sam’s Poetry Challenge


10 thoughts on “How Will I Know?

      • Quite so Na’ama.
        People who turn their backs on them do not realise those who survive will often become the bitter and violent folk of tomorrow and so continue the cycle.

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      • Or the broken and ill of tomorrow. Even those who won’t turn bitter and violent (and many do not), they may well carry the effects of Childhood Adversity in their bodies, to the tune of chronic illness, inflammation, heart disease, metabolic issues, shorter lifespans, and epigenetic changes that affect their offspring, too. Childhood trauma is an investment in misery.

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