Sky-High Practicality


Seven hours into a twelve-hour flight the other night, an adorable (and chatty) curly top three-year-old in a nearby row: “Mommy, I don’t want to stay on the airplane anymore. My legs want to run.”

Mommy (sounding similarly fed-up if not run-ready): “I know, Sweetie, but we can’t get off right now.”

Curly Top, miffed, tone slightly rising toward whine-a-thon: “Why?”

Mommy: “Because we’re very high up so we can’t go out now.”

Curly Top: “We’re in the sky, Mommy?”

Mommy, voice disheartened: “Yes … we’re up in the sky.”

Silence. Then Curly Top again, pensive with a touch of wonder filtering in: “Mommy, we flying?”

Mommy: “Aha … the airplane is way up high because we’re flying.”

Another silence, followed by bubbly cheerfulness in the toddler’s voice: “Oh, that okay Mommy! We can just fly down right now!”



2 thoughts on “Sky-High Practicality

  1. This is one of the great things about kids — anything and everything is a possibility. And, it’s something we can remember from them. When applied to our writing? What could be better — with possibilities you have a story that really TAKES your somewhere.
    Thanks so much, Na’ama, for passing this along.
    Best — meredith


    • Yes, indeed, Meredith! Children are great teachers–for hope, for possibility, for imagination, perseverance, and a magical quality to seeing and thinking that we can all do well to listen to and peek in often! 🙂


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