No learning is ever wasted

No learning is ever wasted.

No experience is ever for naught.

It is what meaning we find which makes the difference

Between what we believe was useless

And what can in fact be used, quite a lot.

Hardship breaks the heart open

It splinters the spirit

But in the spaces then made there is room more to grow.

There is pause for refocus, for remeasuring hope

For finding compassion, for opening of doors

For a new understanding,

Improving the focus on all of life’s scopes.

No learning is ever wasted.

No true lesson is ever for naught.


4 thoughts on “No learning is ever wasted

  1. True, but it takes a lot of courage to walk the path of this kind of wisdom. Most of us hang out at the rest stops, or waste a heck of a lot of time trying to make the pain stop. Doesn’t work. Walking with and through the pain does. I hate that. I do manage to make myself do it – usually – but I hate it.

    On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 9:41 PM, Na’ama Yehuda


    • Oh, absolutely, Lynette! I believe part of learning is needing to hang out at the rest stops, and wasting time trying to get the pain to stop. That, too, is learning; as is finding out that it does not work, and that walking through the pain–and finding fellow-walkers when possible, or kindred spirits (human or animal or otherwise) to walk through with us can help.

      Sometimes it does feel oppressive. Difficult paths often are. The easy, happy, delightful kind of lessons are easy to take a blessing from. It is the lessons that wound, that open chasms of things we did not know were possible, about the atrocities people can enact onto each other–that it is so very hard to draw a path of growth from. What helps me is to know that finding meaning does not make something okay, nor does it mean the only way for growing. Rather, that in the path I’m walking, in the person I am becoming and learning to weave along, these experiences too have meaning and have brought a depth of feeling I might have otherwise never known.

      As for the ‘easy’ button … or the express passage … I am yet to find it … It is still the moving mountains with a teaspoon kind of thing, but I can see a little heap of transmuted earth growing beside me, and it gives me hope …


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