Dive Right In!

Photo prompt © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


The water glistened.

Gloria shook. “I don’t think I remember how.”

“Just do it,” Jody said. “It’s like riding a bike. Your body never forgets.”

I never had a bike, Gloria thought,  and there is much I worked hard to have my body forget. Especially since that day.

“It’ll come back to you,” Jody urged. Ordered, almost. “Dive right in!”

It was the edge in the trainer’s voice that did it, and what it brought back was not welcome.

“No.” Gloria pulled her swim cap off. “Not here. Not yet. Not today.”




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers



39 thoughts on “Dive Right In!

    • Thank you, Ronda! 🙂
      Yes, all manner of (sometimes surprising) things can trigger stuff. Sometimes good memories. Sometimes not so.
      Thanks for reading and commenting–hope you’ll stop by again.


  1. Trainer should know when to be pushy. May be this is not the right time. There is some hidden trauma that Gloria and the writer has not told the trainer and readers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, there is a lot untold yet in there …And whether the trainer is directly part of the trauma or reminds her of the trauma, it certainly hangs between them.
      Thank you for the comment and for taking time to read in what is probably a busy time away. Enjoy yerushalayim… Xoxo Na’ama


  2. Just the tone in the trainer’s voice was enough to spoil her moment. Such a subtle touch but true to life – the slightest thing is all it takes sometimes to trigger a trauma memory. Well drawn.

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    • Thank you, Margaret!
      Yes, sometimes this is all it takes, isn’t it? Especially when we are already feeling vulnerable, or stretched beyond comfort, which is so often the case with trauma and recovering from trauma.
      It is also true for how we must take care with children, who are so often inherently vulnerable and stretching beyond what they know to try something new, or to possibly fail again in something they are still learning … and how subtle our touch must be with them, too. To ensure we don’t mar their self-esteem or squelch their courage even as we encourage them to do new things.
      Thank you for this comment!


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