Not Granted


(Photo: Christophe Hautier on Unsplash)


Do not take any of it

For granted.

Words that oft repeat are not

In of themselves

A fact,

Just because they are told

With sneering emphasis.


Beware of those who judge

A question

As treason,

As something one must



Or risk being called


To a person,

For having fealty to the Truth

And the backbone

To speak.


So, yes, do


Empty statements.

Do withhold permission

To deflect


From those who harm,

To those who point out

The abuse.




For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Question in 84 words


30 thoughts on “Not Granted

    • Indeed, Bill, I think many of us know (or have known) situations and people and circumstances and institutions where asking questions was not only discouraged, but was punishable by shaming, ostracizing, blaming and worse. And, as many know, it is worse when the silencing itself is done under the guise of ‘freedom’ or ‘alternate facts’ or rejection of anything that does not match a cultish view of fealty-above-fact.

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