Complement of Condiments


“It is not acceptable, you see, when they forget the main …”

“…complements.” Ingrid completed.

“Indeed.” Iris’s gray head bobbed emphatically, loose bun nodding and escapee wisps trailing.

Ingrid touched a hand to her own hair, confirming the tightness of her French braid. All was in order. Good. Iris has always been unbecomingly lax with locks’ management and Ingrid could never understand it. Especially not when Iris was so particular about her condiments’ orderly array.

“I’ll get the hot sauce, then.” Iris turned toward the diner’s kitchen. “And have them hand me some mustard and mayo, while they’re at it.”


For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


43 thoughts on “Complement of Condiments

  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    Many compliments to Ingrid’s hair but not to Iris’ loose locks. But to be fair to Iris, compliments to her finely arranged complement of condiments. Pass the salt, please. Savory story indeed, my friend.



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  2. When I was working, or when I’m going out to face the public, I try to tame my hair into some kind of order. Here at home, though? Not so much. I do, however, like my condiments to be in some sort of order 🙂

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