(Photo: The NYPL on unsplash)


They didn’t plan to bring

With them

A legion of


They only wished

To find,

For their

Loved ones,

A measure of


A new home where

They could

Be safe.




For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Legion in 32 words


27 thoughts on “Untenable

  1. Na’ama,
    Their desperation drives them away from their homelands: if only the world would spend as much money solving the problems there than spending it on weapons of war and surveillance. A succinct insight into the plight of refugees.

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    • Amen to helping resolve (and often, prevent) some of the terrible issues so many people face in their home countries. Refugees, by definition, leave their homeland because it is untenable for them to remain there. Compassion and understanding the role that many of the decisions we make, politically and otherwise, on the lives and livelihood of others, is part of understanding that we are, essentially, ALL ONE. What affects one place, affects us. Misery and tragedy and poverty and brutality in one place, affects us. And, alas, all too often there’s responsibility to bear – historically, financially, profiteering-wise, and so on – which feeds into and even causes some of the realities that lead to the impossible realities that people must flee from.

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    • Indeed! And there are always some who can help and do, and some who can help but refuse to, and some who wish they could do more, and some who claim less should be done, and some who profiteer from the misery and some who pretend it none of it has to do with them … Humans are complicated.

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