Home, Sweet Home


“There’s plenty of room,” Zoe insisted.

Easy for you to say, Dana sniffed. Zoe was five foot nothing in heels and reed thin. Dana sat on planes with knees bumping her chin.

Zoe slunk between people like an oiled spaghetti, unlatched a gate, and scampered down metal stairs.

“Wait!” Dana bumbled in her wake, apologetic. She must have stepped on five pedestrians’ toes and hit another with her bag.

The basement studio was airless, dark, and smelled of garlic and Bok choy. Dana was sure she could touch both walls with outstretched arms.

“Welcome, Roomie!” Zoe announced. “Home, sweet home!”



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt: © Roger Bultot



47 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home

    • Thank you, my dear. Some NYC ‘studios’ (AKA matchbox ‘apartments’ or ‘economy basements’) are really that small. It is quite remarkable. Zoe, though, seems peppy enough to levitate and leave the floor/bed/futon to Dana … 😉

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  1. I love the dynamic you’ve created between the two characters. The difference in size is explicit, but you’ve implied so much more about them, especially Zoe (I expect you chose the name Zoe deliberately for its meaning…?). I really hope we see these two roomies again!

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  2. Na’ama Y’karah,

    Of course I don’t relate well to Dana. 😉 Although I’ve had some very tall friends and I know it’s hard for a woman to be that tall. And I’ve seen some studio apartments, my middle son lived in one in LA. It would be hard for a tiny person to breathe let alone a tall one. 😉 Love the dynamic between the two. You created two vivid characters in only 100 words. Well done.



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    • Thank you my friend! Yes, some NYC apartments will be cramped for a tadpole, let alone a human of any stature … But tall people (which I’m not – I’m blissfully average) often face yet another level (no pun, or, oh well … let’s pun) of squeashed … 😉

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  3. Na/ama,
    I ❤️ the descriptive prowess you show off here, like: “Dana sat on planes with knees bumping her chin. Zoe slunk between people like an oiled spaghetti” — simply magnifico! As for Dana, I think she’ll keep looking for home sweet AND comfortable home, lol. 😀

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    • Thank you, Dora! Love the comment and appreciate the generous feedback! 🙂 And, yes, I think that Dana will do better looking a bit more … um … broadly … 😉 (the reality of some NYC ‘apartments’ is that this is rather realistic, in some locales in the city … Broom closet apartments aren’t for all …) 😉

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