Tethered To The Queen


(Photo: Andrés Gómez on Unsplash)


If only they had thought to mark their way, perhaps they wouldn’t have lost it.

Then again, the whole idea of running away was to forgo discovery. Leaving shiny pebbles would have made the whole endeavor be over well before it had began.

They trudged along. Bellies emptier than in hungry nights before.

There was a misery in a scrabbled-for freedom. And yet at least their torsos did not suffer the indignity of another whip.

Eliah’s stomach growled. He sighed. “Only mouths are we.”

“Who sings the distant heart which safely exists in the center of all things?” Lilah responded, distracting him.

The boy grinned through tired tears. He knew the correct reply. The moon of course.

He pointed at the sky.

His grandmother’s nod was filled with pride.

For one was never lost while their heart stayed tethered to the night’s reigning queen.




For the dVerse Prosery challenge

Prosery prompt: “Only mouths are we. Who sings the distant heart which safely exists in the center of all things?from Rainer Maria Rilke, “Heartbeat.”


34 thoughts on “Tethered To The Queen

  1. I love the poignancy with which this prose is penned, Na’ama. The glimpse of the moon as solid hope and foundation for one and all is deeply moving. Kudos for incorporating the line by Rilke in so effectively. You have added even more depth to it. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt! 💝💝

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    • Thank you, Sanaa! I am so pleased you’ve enjoyed it and that the use of the quote worked here the way I’d split it into two mouths, so to speak. Here’s to the many who had leaned on mother moon for her guidance and light though many a scary night. Na’ama


    • Yes, me, too. For children (and for anyone, but especially for children), having someone there to care about them, makes all the difference. And for the grandmother – it has a meaning all its own to protect the boy. xo

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