Make The Move



Rupert had always taken things too literally.

Now she would be stuck with the same leak around the toilet bowl when the boys flush a bit too long; with the same creaky closet door that slithers nightmares in her dreams when Mat-The-Cat decides to make a bed of laundered linen; and with the crooked shelf in the pantry that requires a perfected fold of cardboard to ensure the flour box does not slide off.

It never was the outside scenery she needed changing.

She watched one half roll by and realized she did not care to wait for the other.



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt © Ted Strutz


43 thoughts on “Make The Move

  1. as I read your poem
    I found a Rupert in me

    each day as I bid farewell
    I come to see
    face to face
    imprinted object
    evoking traces, images
    to past networks
    daily grace my move

    so I speak your words to Rupert
    (in me)

    who says thank you
    for your wise advice
    to not divide
    my self-move

    better to take all of me
    a whole lot better
    than half


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  2. Na’ama Y’karah,

    You had me at line one…of course. 😉 I hope Rupert takes it literally when she says “Wave your little hand and whisper ‘so long, dearie’. You ain’t gonna see me anymore…”



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  3. Yep, I can see that all too well. My bro-in-law and his wife bought a premade house that was brought to their land this way. I don’t know… but I’ve never felt like their house was a “home”. One half always seems to be a little off from the other. That, I can just envision what will happen in the first big wind… they live in tornado alley, Ohio.

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    • Well then … if the big wind comes they better put little handles on each side and tie them together … 😉 But, in seriousness, I hear ya. I’m not sure that prefabricated homes are a problem in of themselves, but I think that there is more likelihood of it not fitting to the particular spot it is delivered to … Rather than being built on site. Then again, perhaps like any other thing, it is a matter of quality, location, and a good bit of luck …

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