Sisters Of This Earth And Sky

Friendship Craft DiklaNachmias

Photo: Dikla Nachmias


Ladies of the borrowed time,

Mistresses of undemanding,

Mothers bearing down the twine

To faithful understanding,

Sisters of this Earth and sky,

Daughters threading needles of

Life verifying,

Girls who hearts ignore —

I hear you roar.

Do know:

Together we’ll weave words

From crying.



For the dVerse quadrille challenge: roar




30 thoughts on “Sisters Of This Earth And Sky

    • Thank you Sarah! I’m glad you find it so — we are all of us, no matter what we’re born — the product of a woman’s womb, and, really, literally, her body, which provides ALL the building blocks for a baby. ANY baby. So, yeah, it should be evidently clear that women’s voices must be found, and heard, and understood. 🙂
      Here’s to finding words, together!


  1. Beautiful wording for such an important statement. The girls must, must know that they’re hearts are heard, that we share the tears and that so many lifelines , woven from just those tears exist to grab on to – including this one. Thank you.

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    • Thank YOU for such an excellent comment. Yes, girls should be helped to know that they are heard, that they always have a voice, at the very least with other women who can speak for them and support them till they are able to find their own voice and speak for others in turn. Many lifetimes woven, many realities of suppression and oppression and silencing, which continue to this day in all too many places and communities around the world. Together, women (and the men who support women, and the boys who can watch the men who support women and learn from them), can weave stories and words that heal and hold.


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