Emperor’s New Clothes


Nata Silina at Supercoloring.com


“I expect loyalty,” he stated.

A silence followed.

Shock or perhaps because

There was

No honorable way to respond.


“I need loyalty,” he repeated

With the implication clear:

You bend the knee

Or you are gone,

Swear fealty to the man

Or you’re a traitor

And an enemy to be scorned.

“You will always get honesty from me,”

Came the measured return.

“That’s what I want,” twisted the retort,

“An honest loyalty.”


As if there was such thing

As honest loyalty

To one who deemed acceptable

Only what offers

Praise and supplication,

And allows no room

For truth,

Let alone for the calling out of

The Emperor’s bare bottom

Of the barrel


Or his disregard for honor

As he dons repeated sets of


Yet much lauded by him,

‘New Clothes.’



Note: As it happens, the book I’m reading and which was right by my elbow as I read the prompt … is “The Mueller Report” (w/ commentary by the Washington Post; page 296 of the book, page 35 of volume II in the report).Β  … And the rest, well, is history. And what will be …? We shall yet see.

For Linda Gill’s SoCS: open book, point, write


19 thoughts on “Emperor’s New Clothes

      • Sometimes the words just take hold, give voice to your feelings and lead you on….Which is where all true writing starts.

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      • Yep. I agree. And … sometimes it is important to let one’s voice be heard, whether one’s views aren’t shared by all and are even opposed to by some … For having a voice if a privilege many in the world still fight for. It is something I cherish and am well aware of the importance of exercising.

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      • Exactly. And those who fought (and didn’t die but lost a piece of their soul in war, for war ALWAYS exacts a price) and those who waited at home and collected the pieces (literally and otherwise) of those who fought and returned, or did not return, or returned forever changed.
        And … why we should remember those who fought non-violent wars – in protests, in resistance, in speaking up even when there was a cost for them to have a voice.
        Freedom is not to be taken for granted. For it is not guaranteed unless we work constantly to ensure it remains. There are always those who want to rollback freedoms to where only the few have them.

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      • Well said Na’ama!
        We are in a time when Not Voting only serves those who chip away at that freedom.
        Sometimes you have to grit your teeth and vote for the least worst alternative.

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      • Probably more times than not, though hopefully one can find some core integrity to relate to in a person they vote for. Rhetoric can be veneer (as we well know from current realities…) and I’d far easier believe a person for how they ACT and BEHAVE and their respect (or lack thereof) toward others, than I’d listen to the words they say (especially if they are proven a prone to lying). So … yeah, least worst alternative is often where it is, though I think that in this case the current reality is so extremely WORSE that many alternatives are already an improvement …

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      • I agree with you all the way.
        Never take anything in politics for granted and never, ever fall into believing voting doesn’t make any difference.

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      • Me? Never ever! I think that EVERY vote counts, no matter where you are, no matter if people say that it won’t matter. Every single vote makes a difference. Civil participation makes a difference. It is a right and a privilege and a duty. πŸ™‚ Glad we agree!

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