Not Blueberries

Not Blueberries NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


“Look, Mama,” the child called, a soft fist held aloft as she ran, delighted, toward her mother. “I found some polka-dot blueberries!”

“Wait, where? Let me see? Those aren’t … Did you eat any?”

The child shrugged and twirled away, fingers closing protectively over a grimy palm that still held some blue orbs of what-mama-said-are-not-really-blueberries.

“Wait! Get back here. I need to see those again … Are you sure you didn’t eat any? They could make you very sick! And …” the woman looked around their deserted picnic blanket. “Where is your brother..? Where’s Eric!?”

“Oh,” the little girl pranced out of reach, and gestured vaguely in the direction of the trees beyond the forest clearing. “There. He found polka-dot strawberry mushrooms!”




Note: Inspired by a true story of a family I know, whose summer picnic ended up with a call to Poison Control, an ambulance, and two children in the Emergency Department. One child was fine. The second child eventually got better. Mama still can’t touch berries or mushrooms. Teach your children about the dangers of foraging and instruct them to not pick or eat (!!) any plant they don’t show you FIRST. …

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18 thoughts on “Not Blueberries

  1. Great teaching lesson. Well done, you.

    Adele Ryan McDowell

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  2. Wow, incredible to read this account…a lot of “natural” plants look edible but are deadly. I’m sorry this was based on a true story…your writing is beautiful and I’m glad the children were ok. Thank you for sharing this, Na’Ama. ..I shared to my Facebook page and twitter!

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    • Yay for your sharing this!
      If it helps other children be taught to not touch/eat things they think are edible but might well not be … then it will be good indeed!
      In the story this is based on, all it took was two minutes out of sight … They kids were okay, thanks in part to the mother’s quick thinking once she realized what had happened–she didn’t know how much they consumed, but she took no chances. Neither did Poison Control.

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