Natty Patty

fashionista stool


Her closet is a playground. Her vanity and mirror reflect paradise. She prances with a feather boa. She jingles bangles, beads, and bracelets. She twirls her skirts and points her toes for glimpses of a toenail polish. She sings as she applies her makeup, adores her hair elaborately done. She claps at tutus, ribbons, purses. Has ensembles de rigueur for the library, parties, park benches. She dresses up for the bathroom. She spruces up old pajamas for pizazz. Savors weekend deliberations for outfits in the days to come. She dreams of owning a boutique and her bedroom offers a perpetual rehearsal: dots and stripes, waves and glory, gold and hearts, purple and pink. Her shirts have flare, her shirts can sparkle, her shoes light up, her ribbons glitter, she is a glory in the sun.

She’s the family fashionista, put together to the ninths.


For The Daily Post

6 thoughts on “Natty Patty

  1. WOW! Sounds like you know my granddaughter! My first grandchild (I now have two more), born on my 69th birthday and turning six soon! My son and his family live in my apartment building – and my twin and I are BFFs! Thank you, Na’ama. TS

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    • 🙂 I guess your granddaughter has another BFF she’s yet to meet and that the two of them will get along swimmingly if they ever do! 🙂 Sometimes I wonder about how some gals get the ‘girly-girl-gene’ and some do not, but what’s certain is that in certain little (and not so little) girls, it manifests magnificently … 🙂


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