Pancake Danger



This “Danger!” photo challenge made me laugh (okay, chuckle nervously, more like). Because to a child – or the adult remembering – the mismatch between what they know should happen and what seems not to, defies any sense or comprehension.

This was my reaction, as a young child, to the Balancing Rocks in Zimbabwe (at the time Rhodesia), to the southwest of Harare (at the time Salisbury). People strolled their leisurely horror … pointed and laughed and photographed their versions of pre-selfie memorabilia. My siblings climbed onto their certain crushing deaths, and no one seemed perturbed by the giants waiting to turn ant-humans (or their vehicles) into pancakes.


balancing rocks zimbabwe

Balancing Rocks. Photographer Unknown


Photo Challenge: Danger!


6 thoughts on “Pancake Danger

    • Yeah! Cool what nature can do and maintain, right? Obviously the adults knew that the rocks have been balanced that way for ions and weren’t in danger of falling … but as a kid … well, I had enough experience with crooked block towers to know this should not stand … 😉


    • How did the rocks get that way? Nature did some odd stuff there. All sorts of old legends about it. My personal view? I suspect baby dinosaurs were building with rock-blocks and aliens gave them crazy glue to avoid the rocks tumbling (because frustrated dinosaurs aren’t something anyone wants to see, even Martians must agree…). 😉


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